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Day by day program / June, 2004
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Short Films / Live Sampling

Xavier Garcia, composer and musical improviser


Thursday, June 10 and Friday, 11, 08:30pm / Forum des images, salle 300

Ircam and Forum des images continue their collaboration, presenting eight short films with music by Xavier Garcia.

Renowned keyboard player within ARFI (Association pour la recherche d’un Folklore Imaginaire), Xavier Garcia is largely known for his work in the realm of improvised music. He is however, equally committed to contemporary works via, for example, his collaborations with the composer Heiner Goebbels. These two events, concentrate upon both his improvisational work and his film music. Lorenzo Recio's works, for which he wrote the film-score, will be presented alongside some of Recio's other films for which the original sound track has been erased with the director’s permission. Here, Xavier Garcia appropriates the works and reinterprets them with his own live music, half way between improvisation and composition.


Short films by Lorenzo Recio, Music by Xavier Garcia, pre recorded.

  • Lorenzo Recio: Le Bal du Minotaure, France, 1997, animation, 10mins, 35mm, colour
  • Lorenzo Recio: L’âne, L'infante et l’architecte, France, 2001, fiction, 20mins, 35mm, colour

Short films without their original sound track Music by Xavier Garcia, live composition.

  • Lorenzo Recio: Saetas, Premiere, France, 2004, 5mins, 35mm, colour
  • Bériou: Tableau d’amour, France, 1993, animation, 5mins, 35mm, colour
  • Bangala: L’Hôtel du vent, France, 1997, animation, 6mins, 35mm, colour
  • Pierre Vinour: Millevaches [Expérience], France, 2000, fiction, 10mins, 35mm, colour
  • Christian Volckman: Maaz, France, 1999, fiction, 8mins, 35mm, colour
  • Guillaume Le Gouill: Share Brothers, France, 1998, experimental, 7mins, 35mm, colour.

An Ircam–Centre Pompidou, Forum des images co-production.

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