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Day by day program / June, 2004
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Wednesday, June 9, 2004

dance-musicOlivia Grandville - Loïc Touzé / Part 1 Comment taire

This proposition is directly linked to a research initiative, set up this year at the Ircam by Olivia Grandville. The main argument relies on the creation of a very precise space, generated by a paradoxical situation in which imperative concepts (the technologies, images and sounds used) are confronted with an improvisation project, which is thus limited.

dance-musicOlivia Grandville - Loïc Touzé / Part 2 Elucidation

The choreographer Loïc Touzé and the saxophonist Claude Delangle, have come together for the very first time. Sharing the stage, they have chosen to take on the music of Luciano Berio, extending the festival’s tribute to this composer, and putting both the friendly and working relationships uniting Luciano Berio and Claude Delangle into context.


In his latest works, before working on the choreography of a piece, Hervé Robbe has been concerned with establishing a physical environment, providing an experimental space for dance. A space delineated by the house in Avis de démolition - Permis de construire or by the garden in Des horizons perdus. For this piece, the genesis comes from one unique source: the dancing body.

musical taleThe man who made trees blossom

The composer Frédéric Pattar has set one of the best known Japanese fables, The man who made trees blossom, to music. In a style, which seeks above all proximity, a singer reading the text, a harp player and a percussionist tell this astonishing story. This is not a performance, rather a concert based upon a reading. It is a piece, which demands the active imagination and listening of the public.

youth workshopEducational activities at IRCAM / Workshop Luciano Berio and the voice

Using extracts from Luciano Berio’s works for voice, Sequenza III, Laborintus II, Visages and Coro, youngsters will be introduced to the composer’s vocal universe.

youth workshopEducational activities at IRCAM / Workshop Mixed Music

Using some simple computer manipulations as well as various real examples, this workshop seeks to demonstrate the different ways in which composers can integrate new musical computer technologies into their productions and to look at how they can interact with classical orchestral instruments. This workshop is also an opportunity to discover the real time sound and image processing techniques in use at Ircam.

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