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Day by day program / June, 2004
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The Agora festival is the key event within the Ircam’s musical season.

Agora, seeks to promote today’s music as well as its relationship to technology and other artistic forms. It responds to the urgent need today, to increase the public space for creation. The festival is aimed at anyone who is curious to taste artistic challenge and risk and to share the insatiable emotion of music.

This seventh edition of the festival foreshadows issues that will, no doubt, be increasingly fundamental in the years to come. The monographic concert which takes the time to explore the unique language of a composer, the portrait of a performer, giving us the chance to appreciate an instrument’s different capabilities as well as its evolution, the place offered to young performers and composers and even the performances scheduled in the heart of the Paris’s 4th district, are the fundamentals of this program.

This year’s festival is honoured by the presence of Pierre Boulez. He will conduct the opening concert, dedicated to one of his most eminent colleagues and friends, Luciano Berio, who died last year and to whom this year’s festival will pay tribute.

Diverse works by composers such as Yan Maresz, Andrea Cera, Alexandros Markeas, Michael Jarrell and Frédéric Durieux, will be presented. What’s more: A carte blanche offered to the saxophonist Claude Delangle, musical promenades inviting us to discover the heritage of Paris’s 4th district, a musical story for children, the chorographic adventures of Loic Touzé, Hervé Robbe and Olivia Grandville, two evenings dedicated to music and film... just a taste of the events to which the public will be treated.

Fourteen performances, celebrating diverse creations and involving some of the best music ensembles, including the Klangforum Wien, the Ensemble Intercontemporain, Court-circuit and Ictus, not forgetting the students from the Paris and Lyon music conservatories.

On behalf of all the Ircam team, I wish you a very enjoyable festival, full of magical musical moments and surrounded by a public, which we look to welcome in increasingly vast numbers.

Bernard Stiegler

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